List of Admob Alternatives in 2019 for Application Developers

List of Admob Alternatives in 2019 for Application Developers

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Admob is definitely one of the largest mobile ad networks that helps publishers and application developers generate good revenue from original, banner, video, and valued video ads. Because the network is run by Google, it follows strict approval criteria and many application developers are blocked for violating their terms and conditions, consciously or unconsciously. Also, Admob offers a global charging rate, but there are certain ad networks that perform better than Admob on a regional basis. In this article, we will discuss 5+ Admob alternatives that application developers can try to increase revenue in the overall application with quality and targeted advertising.

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Why should you go for Admob alternatives?
Admob is without a doubt one of the best mobile ad networks with strong eCPM for key demographics. One might wonder why publishers and application developers would choose alternatives other than Admob.

Although Admob offers the following ad formats (native banner, interstitial video and rewarded), not all formats are available for all countries, especially late video, and other networks offer these formats to CPM high. In these circumstances, it becomes essential to opt for these Admob alternatives.
The bids are dynamic and it can happen that the same advertiser bids on different markets and not just Admob. Auctions go up and down depending on the competition between advertisers and inventory available on an exchange. For example, there are bursaries other than Admob that can pay higher CPM rates for offers and use a mediation network to supplement ad networks. Trade can therefore increase your overall income.
When app developers are banned from Admob, they must rely on other networks for monetization of their applications. In such cases, these Admob alternatives may be useful.

Native interstitial rewarded Native interstitial rewarded
Country                                                                     Android   Android   Android          iOS   iOS     iOS

India                                                                                  0.07     0.33            0.63                0.64   0.97    4.8
United Kingdom                                                           0.62     1.18            8.8                  2.73  3.84    23.9
US                                                                                       0.99      5.4              12.4               2.24   4.3     16.29
CPM rate - 30 cents to 80 cents.
Minimum traffic requirement
Payment method: pay on a NET base of 30 days, and the minimum payment threshold is $ 100. And the payment options are Pay Pal, credit or debit card and other local methods of manual payment.
A personal monetization administrator available 7 days a week;
Complete access to ad networks and advertisers that are difficult to access;
The highest paid mobile ads (interstitial ads, rewarded videos, smart banners, native ads, etc.);
Daily optimization and more;
Unique SDK for more than 40 advertising networks.
Average CPM rates are below:

1) Epom applications
Epom Apps is a next-generation application monetization platform for Android and iOS developers that works on the basis of ad mediation. Provides application developers access to more than 40 ad networks and direct advertisers through an SDK. Your experienced team takes care of the daily mediation of the ads and the process of constant optimization for themselves. This is the reason why Epom Apps guarantees the maximum fill rate (94% or more) and a better way of CPM rates for all associated applications.

2) Facebook
Facebook, with more than 2 million advertisers worldwide, is a difficult competitor to Admob. The network offers high CPM rates to application developers, generally close to those of Admob. In some markets, Facebook beats Admob, but the overall rates are pretty similar. Facebook offers good CPM rates for Tier 1 countries and Tier 2 and Tier 3 rates are increasing. The CPM rates for iOS are comparatively higher than those of Android. In addition, the prices for banner ads are pretty good! Here we present the rates for native banners, interstitial videos and rewarded videos for American and Indian traffic. Facebook is getting closer to CPM rates.

3) Chartboost
Chartboost is another popular mobile ad network that offers reverse rates for level 2 and level 3 traffic. The network does not have high CPM rates but has global demand. So, in countries where Admob may fail to do so, Chartboost's presence is growing in level 2 and level 3 countries can be an option for application developers targeting these countries. CPM rates for video ads are valued at around 69 cents and interstitial people are around 15 cents on Android for Indian traffic.

CPM- rates for iOS are in the range of USD 3 to 6 while for Android, around USD 2 to 4.
Minimum Traffic Requirements-
Payment Method - They pay NET 30 - days and the minimum payment threshold is $ 75. Payment options are Bank Transfers.

4) Vungle
Vungle is a video advertising platform in a leading mobile application that was founded in 2011. This network provides CPM rates that are somewhat on the average side and must be used in your ad stack only as refilling. Rates for videos that are awarded range from $ 4 to $ 6 and video prices range from $ 3 to $ 5. It can perform well in geography where Admob has no demand for videos and videos that are valued because most advertisers target global traffic. See below, CPM rates for India and the US (both Android and iOS).

Rewarded Video Rewarded Video
Country Android Android iOS iOS
India 0.33 0.35 0.44 1.03
US 2.33 4.4 5 7
CPM- Rates For US traffic CPM rates are $ 5, and for Indian traffic it is 30 cents.
Minimum Traffic Requirements - There is no minimum traffic required.
Payment Method - They pay based on NET 60 days, and the minimum payment threshold is $ 50. And the payment options are Paypal and Bank Transfer.

5) Adcolony
Adcolony is another popular mobile video ad network that has a large presence in the US and especially other levels in one country. The network again failed to offer good rates for level 2 and level 3 traffic. It offered a premium CPM and high charging rate for its publishers and could do so mainly because of the ad ties with most Fortune 500 companies. The CPM rates are relatively lower as seen from the table below when compared to Admob. However, Adcolony can be a good Admob alternative for level 3 countries.

Rewarded Video Rewarded Video
Country Android Android iOS iOS
India 0.35 0.75 NA NA
US 2,343 5.87 2.14 8.12
Minimum Traffic Requirements-
Payment method-

6) Unity Ads
Unity Ads is a popular mobile video ad network that offers powerful CPMs for gaming applications. This network has some of the top advertisers and companies that target game viewers and offer high CPM rates for major enthusiasts. If traffic is targeted, publishers can earn up to $ 20 or more from Gaming. Unity is very strong for game developers. The CPM rates for video ads that are valued on the Unity Ads platform are around $ 8 for Android and iOS. For normal videos, CPM rates tend to $ 5. It is worth mentioning that the charging rate is very high on Android devices compared to iOS devices.

Rewarded Video Rewarded Video
Country Android Android iOS iOS
India 0.45 0.61 0.86 1.30
US 4.66 8.65 5 7.78
CPM Rates - CPM rates are between 7 cents and 40 cents.
Minimum Traffic Requirements - 1 million pageviews per month and more.
Payment Options - They pay based on a 30-day NET, and the minimum payment threshold is $ 100.

7) Tapjoy
Tapjoy is another very popular mobile ad network that has a good presence in first-tier countries. The company specializes in video advertising and works with premium advertisers and Fortune 500 companies. The CPM rates offered by Tapjoy for US traffic are around $ 12 for valued video ads on Android and $ 14 for iOS. Tapjoy offers exceptional CPM rates for countries like the US, UK, Japan, Canada, Germany and many other levels in one country. The rates are also appropriate for level 2 and level 3 countries. If you mediate with Tapjoy with Admob, you should expect a higher overall return on income.

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